Welcome to garnaik.com! - www.garnaik.com is my personal web site which explores my professional as well as personal life and few more about my personal vision and mission in my life.

Garnaik.com www.garnaik.com has hosted in the year 2007, initially targeted as a public information system, later I moved to help technical people especially technical students across the globe who are willing to have a career in the Java, J2EE and related technology, then onwards I have created lot of content and FAQ on Java

What I am doing here?

Have passion to help technical professionals and students.

Rudra Narayan Garnaik

Everybody knows the value of time and money. To make proper utilization of time in a right direction is my personal interest. I am here to help if you really spending lot more time to do a task as expected. I have lot of personal as well as professional experience on that how to just lose oneday so easily by making myself busy for nothing. I would like to help on this to save your valuable time which is directly propersional to money. Please feel free to ask me on my mobile number or write an email to my e-mail address.

What kind of help I able to do for you? not all your problems right. please find the things where am interested:

Java/J2EE technologies
Web Design and Development
Software Architecting
Database Design and Data Modeling
Research on any new technology
Proof Of Concept
Technical Assitance on Most fo Java J2EE frameworks
Agile Methodology with TDD, PP,XP
Training On java, J2EE
Code review and optimization
Career guidance
Core java, JSP, Servlet, JSF, Hibernate, Spring, Jboss Seam, Richfaces, Apache Trinidad, MyFaces

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About Me

I am a software professional having more than 8 years of IT experience with leading software companies like(ORACLE, CAPGEMINI, QWEST, SONY, Mercedes-Benz etc.).
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Rudra Narayan Garnaik
Bangalore, Karnataka.
Mobile : +91 (963) 259-8083
E-mail : rudra@garnaik.com